Herbalife Afresh Benefits and Side Effects

Herbalife Afresh Benefits. In this article, we are going to talk about Herbalife Afresh, a popular product of a company called Herbalife. In which Herbalife Afresh Benefits & Uses, Ingredient, Side Effects, Dosage, Price will be seen,

So let’s know from the beginning, what is Herbal Life Fresh?

What is Herbalife Afresh? Herbalife Afresh Benefits 

Afresh is an energy boosting product from Herbalife Nutrition, available in powder form. Herbalife is a direct selling company, so Herbalife’s products, including Afresh, are marketed and sold by its distributors.

Herbalife Afresh is available in 6 flavors in India.


Herbalife Afresh is used to increase physical energy, reduce weight and improve metabolism. Herbalife Afresh can be used in place of tea and coffee, as Herbalife Afresh also contains caffeine. Herbalife company claims that it can be used daily without fear of any side effects.

Herbalife Afresh Composition 

Herbalife Afresh is available in the market in several flavors. Due to the addition of flavorings, the composition may vary slightly for each Herbalife Afresh Flavors.

Below are the names of some of the ingredients that are included in each Herbalife Afresh flavor.

  • Maltodextrin
  • Orange Pekoe Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Acidity Regulator – 330
  • Caffeine Powder

How does Herbalife Afresh work?

The working of Herbalife Afresh can be explained on the basis of the quality of the components present in it and the result of their interaction with each other. Based on this, the way Herbalife Afresh works is as follows.

  • The caffeine powder present in Herbalife Afresh helps to increase energy, removes lethargy and helps to feel refreshed.
  • Herbalife Afresh can be used in place of tea or coffee only because of the presence of caffeine.
  • Orange Pekoe Extract in Herbalife Afresh is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and repairs injured tissue.
  • Orange Pekoe Extract also prevents premature aging.

Herbalife Afresh Benefits

Herbalife Afresh has the following advantages:

  • Drinking Herbalife Afresh increases the energy level.
  • It helps you to feel fresh.
  • Herbalife Afresh can be used instead of tea or coffee.
  • Herbalife Afresh can help reduce weight and fat.
  • It helps in improving metabolism.
  • Apart from this, it also reduces bad cholesterol.

Herbalife Afresh Side Effects

There are no commonly reported side effects of Herbalife Afresh. All ingredients in Herbalife Afresh are inorganic, which may have the following potential side effects depending on their properties and interactions.

  • Meltodextrin present in Herbalife Afresh, if taken in excess, can greatly increase the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Excess amounts of Meltodextrin are dangerous for the bacteria present in the stomach, which help in our digestion.
  • Guarana Seed Extract in Herbalife Afresh can increase blood pressure, increase heart rate.
  • Guarana Seed Extract can deeply affect the Nervous System.
  • The caffeine in Herbalife Afresh can cause insomnia, stomach problems, nausea, and anxiety.

Apart from these, Herbalife Afresh may also cause other side effects. Side effects do not happen to everyone and are not always the same. Side effects are usually due to allergies or different reactions of the body to the components present in it.

Herbalife Afresh Dosage

Before using any product, make a detailed description of your health condition, addiction and lifestyle with your doctor/specialist and use the product as directed for the prescribed duration. However, the following are Herbalife Afresh dosages for a healthy individual:

  • Herbalife Afresh can be taken 1 to 3 times a day.
  • Herbalife Afresh can be taken with hot, cold or plain water. Those who want more benefit from Herbalife Afresh, use hot water.
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of the powder in 250 ml of warm, cold or normal water.
  • Herbalife Afresh can be used in the morning on an empty stomach instead of tea or coffee.
  • Do not take it before sleeping at night, because the caffeine present in it can cause great difficulty in sleeping.

Herbalife Afresh Precautions

The following are the precautions associated with Herbalife Afresh.

  • Herbalife Afresh should not be used by children under 15 years of age.
  • Pregnant women should avoid the use of Herbalife Afresh and doctor’s advice is very important.
  • Breastfeeding women should use Herbalife Afresh with extreme caution under the guidance of a physician or specialist.
  • Patients of high blood pressure should avoid the use of Herbalife Afresh.
  • Herbalife Afresh should not be used at night, as the caffeine present in it can disturb sleep.
  • In case of heart, kidney and liver impairment a doctor should be consulted before taking Herbalife Afresh or any supplement.

Herbalife Afresh Price

The price of 1 pack of Herbalife Afresh is up to Rs.680. Which you can buy from any Herbalife distributor.

question Answer

Can I consume alcohol while using Herbalife Afresh?

There are no clear results of the interaction of Herbalife Afresh and alcohol. But to avoid side effects and unwanted risk, do not consume it with alcohol.

Is Herbalife Afresh safe for pregnant women?

No, Herbalife Afresh is not safe for use in pregnancy, as it contains caffeine. Caffeine can prove to be fatal for the development of children.

Is Herbalife Afresh safe for breastfeeding women?

If consumed by breastfeeding women, the caffeine present in it may cause adverse effects on the infant.

Is Herbalife Afresh addictive?

No such case has come to the fore. However, the caffeine present in it can lead to intoxication or addiction.

Can Herbalife Afresh be taken with other medications?

The answer depends on the nature and interaction of the ingredients in Herbalife Afresh and other medicines. Therefore, you must consult a doctor before using Herbalife Afresh with any other medicines.

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